Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Gold and One Bronze

 Ok, the end of the story at the beginning of the page! Anna won two gold and one bronze medal for her Team USA today. It was a looooonnnnngggg day. We got back to our room at about 10PM. There was quite a bit of disorganization in the meet that eventually got worked out. It was slow, with delays but finally the swimming happened. And, Anna Modlin always surprises those who have never seen her swim. They say, "She really can swim!" Yeah, that is what we said!

So, the best part of it all is that Anna was so satisfied with her times and her performance. She said it was what she expected of herself. She showed her ability and she came through for the team. Her Gold for 50 butterfly and 50 backstroke were great but the best was truly the bronze.

Anna swam with Diane, Agnes and Holly for the women's free style relay. Anna was the anchor and the last to swim. They swam against 7 other teams. The race was close in the first quarter and then it was clear that the A team of Great Britain was sure to come in first. Next Argentina was just behind the first team pushing forward. Third it seemed that the B team of Great Britain would take third until Anna Modlin was tagged and she entered her race. The British swimmer was a good two lengths ahead of Anna but with that taste of winning in her bones Anna took off. She poured it on and squeaked ahead with the crowd screaming, especially me. She did it, she brought bronze home for the relay team. It was incredible and the Anna that I have known since a little girl at Greenmeadow Pool was doing it again. She has so much guts and drive it is thrilling. Am I biased, am I a proud mom? You bet cha but it is true, Anna pulled it out! Those women were so happy. We hear that it is rare that the USA team of relay women medal but today they did.

So now you know, my daughter's dreams have been coming true, gold, a hot race that ends in victory, and tomorrow, the real show down. We watched Anna's real competiton today. She is another swimmer from Great Britain. I call her "the locomotive". She is big and STRONG and fast. Tomorrow Anna swims against her in the 50 free style. She is psyching herself for this one. So that will be the grand finale for her individual competition and then there will be the next women's medley relay. So more excitement to come...........

The bouquet for all Gold medal winners...

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