Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back To A Daughter's Dream Comes True

 Can you just imagine.....people from around the world who come together because they share in a miracle of life. They were all saved by someone who gave them a life giving organ. Whether it was a living donor, a family member, friend or someone unknown or a deceased donor whose family gave them the chance to live in the time of their grief have come together from all over the world to meet here in Durban. The energy is palpable. The energy is of love and life and "get on with it." No, what do I want to do with my life? It is I must do with my life now in this moment with the most gusto I can muster.....
 We know someone who happens to be in this category. It is our very own daughter....Anna. And here as people enter the elevator with a smiling face and a lanyard with the telling striped styling you are greeted with, where are you from? Canada, Iceland, France, Ireland, USA, and.....and then the next question is are you a recipient or a supporter?......... and then what organ did you get, kidney, liver, lungs, heart? It is a common question for these people. It is a place where they are the normal ones in this tall hotel by the sea.
So today was settling in and beginning to meet people. First we met Kay and Ray and Ray from Alameda, CA. Ray is a kidney recipient who is also a swimmer, Kay and Ray are his parents....then there was Anna's new friends from Johannesburg, Alice and Chris. Alice has CF and a double lung transplant too. The funny thing is that Anna and Casey and Alice and Chris, that is A&C and A&C look so much alike.....funny.....(they even have those glowing eyes, sorry about that)
The evening included a reception with Zulu dancers and drums and the unveiling of a new South African postage stamp in honor of the Games.

 And then there is tomorrow.....

But for sure these Games give life to the quote of Nelson Mandela...

"Everything looks impossible, until it is done."

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