Monday, July 29, 2013

People With A Taste For Life

 Today Anna is checking something off her bucket list, swimming with sharks......not on my bucket list. She and Casey left at 5AM this morning to drive 1 hour south and then a boat ride as the sun arose in the morning sky. A piece of fish was thrown into the water and she said that immediately the fins arrived at the boat. She swam in a cage and they have a video to show. We have not seen it yet. They are exhausted and sleeping....... meanwhile Doug and I had a wonderful stroll down the beach front after a fantastic breakfast with beautiful fruit. I have been missing my fruit and now I have all that I can wish for and a delicious 'taste for this life".

As we explored the hotel beach front walking in the sand three darling South African young girls asked to have a photo with me. I believe it was my white skin and wild curly hair that they connected to. So sweet, so warm, so friendly and loving. It was like the two women in the grocery store when I first arrived. They wanted to connect with something different than what they have known. There is a desire to grow and reach find a new identity and see that there are other possibilities. It is a quality of hope and "a taste for life."

We stopped for Rooibos tea and Rooibos cappuccino at a local seaside cafe. We certainly had "a taste for tea" after our walk.
While we drank our tea we noticed that next to us were members of the British team. We introduced ourselves and learned a bit about them Two of these 20 somethings had new livers since infancy and the other young man had had two kidney transplants. The last one was over a year ago and it was a donation from his dad. Because they are such a good match this one should last a very long time for him. We sparred a bit about the competition and how you say, "It is not about winning." But really, that is a lie. Everyone wants to win and the British are the usual overall winners and they expect to be so again. It was this "taste for life" that impressed us with these enthusiastic Brits.

On the beach in front of the cafe was a solitary sand artist. He was carving a shoe. Apparently someone had damaged it the night before and he was repairing it. Quite a work of art and "a taste for life" as a sand artist....

Next, time for lunch on the hotel pool deck with some of the French team. We ate with three women who are chaperoning 12 French children for the Games. One had a heart transplant, others had kidneys and livers. The children spoke little to no English but I could see their "taste for life" as they enjoyed each other and being in such a fun place supporting each other and competing in these Games for France.
And,,,,we went to the pool for Anna's practice...

 The practice went well........raring to go! One more day......she can taste it....this "taste for life" is infectious here at the Games...........

And there is that Ruth Ann the Opening Ceremonies where there was such a display of the Taste For Life!

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