Sunday, July 28, 2013

At The Elangeni

Last night we were chaufeured once again by our friend, Frederick to meet Anna and Casey as they arrived at the Elangeni Hotel. Both we and they arrived at the reception area at the same time. Great timing.....

 So, we went out to dinner on Florida Street. This is an area that we have learned is relatively safe to go at night. We had a great dinner and then dropped A and C back at the hotel until today when we will meet up again.

We leave Chelsea Villa today for the Durban beach front and the Elangeni and will join the Team USA there.
As for our last days on Safari, the images, the smells, the bumpy roads, the surprises at the turn of the road is still with me and I hope will be for a very long time. We took many photos and it will take time to sort through them. We are not great photographers but we did record our visit there. But for sure the photos can not replace the being there.

If you ever thought of going to Africa to see the animals do it!

Now Onward To The World Transplant Games!

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